New Beginnings


Most of you are probably wondering — ‘you already started a blog, why not continue with the one you already have?’

Well, my answer is simple. I wanted a new beginning to go with 2008. I never felt truly inspired by my old blog — sure, I wrote a couple of things and then it waned. I just wasn’t thrilled with the set up, the name, the style, the overall feeling of the site.

Last fall, I attended a women’s retreat where the topic was based around John Eldredge’s book, “Epic” – an excellent read! It explored the idea that we are all on a journey, we each have a story to tell and that we are part of an even bigger story….God’s story. This has sparked in me a desire to tell my story AND to hear others stories.

So here I am starting over, picking up where I left off and I believe that this year promises to be a better year for writing; for opening up and experiencing a deeper level of communication with my friends and family; for sharing learning more about my part in God’s Epic story.

I’ve transferred all of my photos from my previous blog and plan to add new ones as soon as I get to my high-speed connection (yes, we live on dial-up out here in Archer). I am excited about the future and what it hold and hope you will join me!