Snow Globe


snow-globe.jpgHave you ever felt like your life is that of a snow globe?

That’s how my life has been…as if I’m standing in the middle of one of those cool little snow globes that has been shaken up and keeps getting shaken so the little snow pieces aren’t settling just yet….my life has continued to be crazy busy, full of changes and yet so beautiful at the same time.

This past weekend, we moved the Blu Dove office. Dad – if you noticed the server offline – that was why. It’s a positive move and we’re all excited – we have more space – John and I each have our own offices (well John is sharing his with an intern) – we have access to the shared conference room, shared lobby and kitchen – quieter space. It’s really quite awesome! Thank you to Andy and to John for helping get everything moved – it was probably one of the easiest moves I’ve done.

The stuff is now in the new space, the new desks are assembled … the routine, however, has not yet been established and John and I have gone from sharing a roughly 225 square foot space (for the last 1-1/2 years) to actually having our own space. It is actually really nice, though it has gotten kinda lonely at moments and we find ourselves wandering into the other’s office to see what’s up. I feel unsettled b/c I can’t finish decorating the way I would like… for several reasons 1) I have a new “roommate” on the other side of the building that I have to consider b/c we share some of the space and he is currently out of town. 2) I don’t have enough frames to put stuff in and 3) there are things I need formatted and printed out that I would like to frame.

To add to that, we rescued a puppy from our neighbor’s house and have been working her into the family – which is much like having a small child for those of you who have not raised a puppy.

None of this is a big deal and it’s all really great news – it’s just that some of the “snow” hasn’t quite settled. So rather than fight it, I stand here in the middle of my snow globe (at the beginning of summer) waiting for it to settle around me…trying not to let it stress me out and praying it will settle soon…and knowing at the same time, that life is never without a little snow and THAT is what keeps it interesting.

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