Relieved that we ARE making progress


November 23, 2009

Andy and I have continued to work with Astar at every meal and every other chance we get.  I even bought some horse cookies over the weekend for training…. and he loves them!   Although we have been working with him, I was really unsure about exactly how much progress we had actually made over the course of the week.  I figured I’d let Jen be the judge of our progress with Astar.

She got here at 10 and we chatted about the week and how it went.  I told her I was anxious to hear from her how she thinks we have done so far… I wasn’t sure.  So then she asked me to go on out and see about getting him interested in spending time with me and get him into the round corral.

She went and found a seat, probably thinking it was going to be awhile…. judging from how last week went.  I walked in, Astar saw me and picked his head up out the hay and remained curious.  Within less than 5 minutes, he was walking over towards me and we walked together into the round corral.  Jen was pleasantly amazed and said that what we have done has been GREAT!  She reminded me how long it had taken us only a week before!

I was relieved!

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