Irish Blessings


This weekend was an amazing weekend. We’ve just become the proud new owners of SRJs Irish Jig, a 10 year old, 17 hand, Irish Sport horse who needed a good home!

A friend of mine called me on new year’s day with the question of whether it would even be an option for us to take him in. After talking it over with my husband, we decided that we could indeed take him and would love the honor of giving him a home. By Saturday, I received the phone call from my friend saying that she and her boyfriend had decided to GIVE him to us to live on our farm!

We went today (Sunday) to visit him and take a couple of photos. We have to go back to get some more photos and visit with him. He is very sweet and sooo big! We can’t take him yet b/c she’s paid for board through the end of January and we want to be ready for him here. So the last weekend of January, we will be moving Irish here to join the rest of our herd and we believe that he will fit in perfectly! I will be writing his complete story soon on a separate page so stay tuned.

We thank God for this blessing and I thank my friend for such a tremendous gift. It is an honor for her to choose us to be Irish’s new owners….I’m sure he will be happy here! We certainly are very excited!

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