Dancing For the Lord!


img_7712.jpgWow! What an awesome worship experience on Sunday!

I’m on the dance ministry team at my church, Vineyard of Gainesville and we have been practicing a dance to the song called “We Will Dance” by David Ruis. It’s a beautiful son of celebration … one that makes you want to jump up and down for joy, shout to the Lord and sing praises to the heavens! Carol (my Gville mom – Andy’s mom) and I are both on the team together with several other woman. It was a blast!

The whole Renshaw family was there with us on Sunday – Andy, grandma & grandpa, and Dad (Conrad). Andy took some photos and a couple of short videos so I could share with my family back in Cinci and Arizona.

We danced barefoot in beautiful dresses skirts, using scarves to adorn the movements of the dance. Theimg_7707.jpg men waved giant banners over the entire congregation and the dancers in the center, in blue, red and gold. It was the most joyous time in God’s presence that I have felt in a long time! The best part was the overwhelming sense of freedom and healing that came over me as we danced – I felt the love of God being poured out and knew He was smiling down on upon us! As we finished, there were shouts from the entire congregation – joyful shouts of celebration!

I pray that the photos and short excerpts touch your heart in a way that makes you stand up and shout to the Lord in thanks for all the amazing blessings all around us. For He surely is doing wonderful, awesome things every day!

May you dance and play as a child and enjoy His presence always!

You can watch the full video (about 7 minutes) or watch short excerpts that Andy recorded.


Excerpt 1 from Worship Dance
Excerpt 2 from Worship Dance

Here’s a link to the lyrics.

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“Dancing For the Lord!”

  1. On June 10th, 2008 at 4:03 am skyhawk Says:

    the dance was great!!! I enjoyed imencely.
    I love you Lisa!

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