Busy Times


So it’s been quite awhile since my last post – almost 2 months to be exact. I’ve got good excuses, I promise =)

Well – the truth is that Andy and I have been very busy between work, the business, school, horses, family, church and rescuing animals.

The end of February, I traveled to see my Uncle Cliff and Aunt Dee in Cinncinati, Ohio. My uncle had gone into the hospital and we were not sure how long we had – the great news was that by the time I arrived, they had released him and I had the opportunity to reconnect with an uncle and cousins I had not seen in 17 years and connect with an aunt I just met. The wonderful news now with him is that God is healing him more and more every day and just April 18th, he had another surgery which fixed the hole in his esophagus…. so thank you all for your prayers and continue to keep him in your prayers as the days go forward.

The visit to Cincinnati provided me with an opportunity to connect with a lot of my family… and to eat lots of Skyline Chili! =)

I had dinner out one evening with my Dad and Step mom at a wonderful mexican restaurant. Then we came back and caught up on everything that’s been going on. They also took me by the new house that they are building – which was in the framed out stage (not sure if that’s what you call it) – it’s going to look great when it’s finished! I even got to see where we would be staying when we visit. It’s always so nice to see them.

I had a great visit with my mom. We’ve been through a lot of growing in our relationship and it was one of the best visits ever with her – by far. I finally figured out why my ham and dumplings never taste like hers (there was a couple of steps I was missing… lol) and I showed her how I make a pie crust that tastes almost as good as my grandma used to make. It was fun cooking in the kitchen with her – I haven’t done that in years and it was absolutely refreshing.

I did not get to visit with my sister and her family b/c they have all moved back to Arizona to be in a better environment for Gabe (my nephew) and so Gregg could be in a better job position.

So the visit to Cincinnati was a good one and it was most certainly difficult to leave.

March flew by and was filled with new client proposals and meetings with interns. I even went and looked at a building that is for sale just down the road from me — that’s a seed God has planted for the future. On March 11th, Irish (our newest addition to the herd of horses) was cleared by the vet for being able to do more work and be put out with the rest of the horses. So that evening he was turned out to the small field with Damien and since then has been put with the rest of the herd. Andy and I started riding Irish and have discovered that he is truly a wonderful horse and takes genuine care of his rider.

The Sunday after Easter, the dance ministry team at church (that I’m a part of) performed a routine with banners and flags – it was an amazing experience! I wish I had photos to share.

April 8th, I spoke in front of the Advanced Web Design class at Santa Fe Community College on the fundamentals of web design and SEO. You can see the presentation by visiting my web site and clicking on the link under speaking engagements on the links page. I had a blast doing it and was able to really engage the students. Can’t wait to teach in the fall!!

And now we find ourselves almost at the end of April, busy with new clients every week, still trying to figure out this marriage thing, spending time with each other and with friends, finishing up exams (Andy) and now we have a new puppy after this past weekend (see post coming soon).

My aim is to improve on my frequency of my posts here. I know I keep saying that and each time I mean it. I pray that I stop letting time get away from me and that I DO allow myself the time to breathe and write. I always feel better when I do.

Love and blessings to you all.

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