The Name


Welcome to – my place for sharing and getting real; for taking a moment out of my busy days to pause and reflect on the beauty of life and the wonder of God.  In 2008, one of my resolutions is to write and journal more; to share the stories of my horses as we journey together in training; to share the journey of being married and beginning again.

With one of my first entries, I thought I would explain where the name for my blog came from.  The name comes from the name of the very first horse I’ve ever bought — Astar. He’s an answer to my long time dream and prayer of owning a horse one day… He’s also an inspiration to me. Through him, God has shown me what He can do when we take the limits off of our own notions about Him.

I am extremely grateful to God for all he has done with him – Astar is my miracle horse!

So with that, the site is named after Astar. You can read his entire background story under the category called “Astar”.

Now this does not diminish how I feel about my other horse, FanciPants – also a Foundation Appaloosa.  She, however, has had the pleasant experience of a good life from the beginning, with no bad experiences.  Read more about her under FanciPants.

Here you will find the stories of the farm and in my journey of life – the ups and the downs – I am looking forward to sharing.

God Bless, Lisa

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