The Invitation…After a 7-year wait!


Thursday, March 25th was a day I will always remember!  My mom was visiting and she was helping me refinish the new conference table for my office.  We brought everything out to the porch and set up to get started working for the day.  I look up and I see Astar coming around the back portion of the round pen, walking AWAY from his friends [the rest of the herd] and he is walking right towards me.  He stopped right in front of the fence, staring right at me and asked me to come out and play!

— If there hadn’t been a fence, I believe he would have continue walking straight up to where I was on the porch. —

My mom says to me “I think Astar wants you to come play with him”… to which I responded “I believe you are right! Oh my gosh!”  So I went inside and grabbed my boots and came back out – Astar is still standing in the same spot, waiting.  “oh, I’ll grab a cookie,” I thought and in I went back into the house to grab a treat for him and when I came out…. still standing waiting for me.  He hadn’t budged an inch!

I walk out to the gate and he greets me there with open arms!  He was ready to play!  I gave him a pet and we walked to the round pen.  His energy was one of eagerness and pure joy… he really wanted to be with ME!

We played for a bit and I even got him to pick up his foot for a few seconds.  I even gave him some hugs and we just hung out.  At a good stopping point, we walked out of the round pen and I melted my way out the gate.  He watched me leave and even walked back over to the pen as if to say “Are you sure we can’t play some more?”

What a HUGE blessing and what a great reward for such a long wait….7 years!  It was soooo worth it!!   What a day!

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