Showering Baby Blessings


IMG_6573.jpgMy friend Carey is having her first child this April and I offered to throw her a baby shower at the house….my first baby shower. Little did I know that at the same time I should be planning a shower for her, that I would have to be building a shelter for our new horse, Irish… so needless to say it was a little bit of a crazy month. Irish arrived the weekend before (January 27th) — the baby shower was on February 3rd! Despite that my planning didn’t actually fully commence until 1 weeks before the event (I had ideas – just hadn’t executed them), everything went over tremendously … with the help of Carey’s friend, Cindy…and a few wonderful web sites!

I made my first diaper cake — while Andy studied calculus I rolled 58 diapers for a 3 layer cake! After rolling them, you assemble them into layers,IMG_4177.jpg stack the layers and then decorate the cake with cute little baby stuff — pacifiers, teething rings, wash cloths — a totally practical gift for my totally practical friend.

IMG_6568.jpgCindy helped with the game that I found online — She picked up some plain bibs and onesies and then we had everyone at the party decorate them with fabric markers and puff paint. The mommy-to-be got to pick out her favorite one and that girl won a prize. It was so much fun! And Carey loved the idea!

So the first baby shower I threw was actually successful — not that I’m ready to do this for a living — though it WAS fun having everyone over to the house to help prepare Carey for her new journey as a mommy!

Thank you Carey for letting me do that for you….it was a joy to be a part of celebrating the anticipation of Jack’s arrival!

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