Connection is happening


November 21, 2009

Round Corral moving day.  Our first task of the day was to move the round corral into the pasture with Astar, Fanci and Nualla so that we can establish a working / play area that is smaller than the giant field… more of a focused area for all of us.  Andy made it look easy picking up one whole panel by himself, while Kaite and I had to both carry one at a time together!

This also meant that we had to put the boys (Irish and Munch) in the yard and open the gate between Astar’s field and the middle field.  All of a sudden all of the horses were running around at top speed – I wish I had my camera because they were beautiful!  Kaite went to go get hers and by the time she picked it up they had all stopped…of course.

We finally got it moved and assembled and I love where it is now.  I am actually excited about going out to work in the field and the fact that I don’t have to get a halter on Astar to work with him (since he won’t let me) isn’t keeping me from working with him.

Since Jen’s suggestion was to start feeding him in the round pen, we started that night.  Before we let him out, we played a game with him and the goal was to get him to WANT to spend time with us and connect before we walked out the gate — it happened in less than 10 minutes.  We walked around the pen a couple of times and then calmly out of the gate.

The connection is happening!

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