Catching Game


This one is going to be short because I am unfortunately just now getting to logging this and I don’t remember every detail… it’s 3 weeks later though I’m dating for the date of the training.

So today was quite a victory with Astar! We made some good progress with getting him to just want to be with us.

Jen brought her horse, Tres in with her and played a gentle catching game with him.  Tres and Astar got along beautifully.  Tres was a perfect match for Astar really helping him through some stuff.

The exercise started: I walked around IN the pen and Jen rode Tres on the OUTSIDE of the pen.  The idea was simply to get Astar to stick with us.  He finally did…. after running around for quite some time.  At one point we switched and I came on the outside and she came in the pen with Tres.

One  of our goals was to be able to walk with him, my hand on his withers / for him to stick with us — when we first went in the round pen with him he was not at all interested… and after 2-1/2 hours and help from Tres — we got it!  At first, once I was able to walk with him with my hand on him, I set a goal in my head of being able to walk 1 whole time around — and then we just kept on walking and I stopped counting.  It was beautiful!

Thank you Jen!!

I wish I had video!

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