Been awhile


Well, I just logged on and realized that my last post was on 2/20/09…. how time flies when you’re busy and having fun.   I keep thinking and saying that I plan to write more often, and it just doesn’t happen.  So one of my new resolutions before 2010 even begins is to set aside time 1 time a week to just write on here.

IMG_8133A lot has been happening around the farm and with family and friends.  Probably the most difficult thing was losing our dear friend Pie, shown here to the left.  I went out on Monday afternoon, Sept 28th at exactly 4:33 after hanging up with my best friend Kristine and hearing a horse outside kind of grunting. I looked out and saw that Pie was laying down.  After trying to get him up without succeeding, I called Kaite.  We called the vet and gave fluids through the night, trying so hard to help him get better.   By 3:54 Tuesday, we had lost him… and we are still recovering and trying to find a balance again on our farm.  He was burried here so I can look out and see him or walk out and visit…. I’ve made the mistake a few times of almost calling one of the other horses by his name because they are doing something or acting how Pie would have.  He belonged to my friend Kaite, and he was in my life for 11 years… so a huge part of my heart now has this empty place that he once filled.  It’s taken me a bit to find the wherewithall to sit down and write about it, though I felt is was time to share.

Since Pie was such an integral part of Kaite’s beginners lessons, the search was on to find a horse that could fill his shoes.  Those are big shoes to fill and she found a 16 year old Appaloosa mare that she believes to fit the bill…. Her name is Mighty Blue Eyes.  The biggest amazement to me is that she is blind… but you wouldn’t hardly even know it, she gets around so well.  The photo here was taken by Kaite – Damien is trying to figure out why Blue is not paying attention to him.

I haven’t had the opportunity to get on and ride Blue Eyes yet, but hope to in the coming days.

As for the other animals, we participated in the Annual Pet Costume Contest and Parade at Newberry Animal Hospital this past Sunday.  Dakota and Shug made us so proud by how well-bahaved they were and how much they put up with by allowing us to dress them up.  I thought they were sure winners, but the judges picked other dogs.  They are winners in my book though! Here is a photo of the whole family!

Andy and I have been busy with our business and doing very well.  We’ve also decided to somewhat divide and conquer.  I’m focusing on the retail side, selling the web sites (since that is what I do best) while Andy is focused on helping people to achieve the dreams & goals that they have in their live, showing how to increase their financial stability.

Blu Dove is going stronger than ever.  I hired my first employee and then let her go in June.  And we’ve been swamped…. so since then it’s just been myself, John and Kristine.  We are adding a new team member soon who will be focused on helping us to market the business more than we have been able to do ourselves.  I am hoping to introcude her soon.

Andy and I have also begun our search for a property to expand our farm.  We’re looking for at least 10 acres and possibly more depending on what kind of deals we can find.  We just looked at a 20 acre farm with a small cottage that we heard about through a friend of ours.  It’s got some potential, though the current owner still has a few things up in the air before she accepts an offer.

We’ll just what happens there… if nothing else, I made a new horse friend who’s involved and has invited me to become involved with the North Central Florida Parelli Playgroup – a group for horse people like myself who just want to have some fun with their horses and learn all there is to learn about gentle, natural training methods! I might even be helping them with their web site!

So that’s pretty much what is going on.  I am planning to keep this updated more than 1 time every six months — we’ll see how that goes! =)

Love to all of you!


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