Baby Steps


I came home a little later than usual tonight so I didn’t get to mess with Astar much. However, Andy came home first and describes this: Astar met him at the gate, waited for him as he pulled in the drive and then came over to the car and met him. Andy scratched him and said hello and Astar was just hanging out. When Andy fed, Astar started to go into the pen then freaked himself out because the gate to the pen bumped his butt so he opted to NOT go in. I think this is friendly game with the pen panels and gate….what do you think?

My trainer, Jen Hall, suggested that I sit on the steps of the porch with a cookie and see if he will make the effort to come to me.  If he does, he can have a cookie…. I will try the cookie thing….maybe in the morning when he can see better.

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