A letter for today, the 233rd Birthday of the Marine Corps


My husband wrote the following on Nov 10th.  I am just now getting the time to publish it.  I thought it was worth sharing.

My fellow Marines and Patriots,

It is almost prophetic that the first Continental Marines were commanded by Captain Samuel Nicholas, the son of pacifist Quakers, showing that regardless from whence we came, Warriors are born of necessity to stand between oppression and liberty.  And as Marines, we are of a special breed of warrior, molded from something innate within the depths of our hearts that breaths a tenacity, conviction, and determination that no enemy of our cause has ever been able to defeat.  For throughout our history, we have stood when there was no safe ground, held the line against overwhelming odds, and advanced through the traps of our adversaries.  For every moment that the enemy found their mark among our brethren, it only steeled the resolve of those still standing, until our foes took breath face to face against us, and breathed their last.  Now, necessity demands Warriors again.

For Two Hundred and Thirty Three years Marines have taken an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Read the rest of this entry »